Megan Little, ND



Thank you for taking the time out of your day to learn a little more about Health Coaching, Naturopathic Medicine and to meet me. 

I am Megan, and am a new-ish resident of the Kansas City area. I grew up in Oregon and attended Oregon State University (go Beavers!) where I studied health promotion and education. Health seemed like a natural way to go after exhausting all of the health classes my high school had to offer, and I haven't lost my passion since. Following my undergraduate degree, I started working in the education department at a rural hospital then transitioned to one-on-one education at a small eye clinic. Working with patients was where it is at! 

In 2011 I started at the National College of Natural Medicine, which has been renamed National University of Natural Medicine, and in 2016 I earned my Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine (ND). While in school I was drawn to nutrition and botanical medicine as treatment modalities, and filled all my electives with more nutrition, public health and sleep medicine courses. 

I feel blessed that I get to go on this health journey with you. I, like you, and everyone else, am not perfect. I love natural medicine for how it empowers my own life as much as it can yours. I have personally struggled with migraines, insomnia, chronic fatigue, and anxiety, and have had success in treating them using naturopathic treatments. I try for a life of balance and understand that every person is on their own journey towards better health. I strive to practice the same things I will talk about with clients - a life of gratitude, whole foods nutrition, intentional movement and a firm spiritual foundation. 

In 2018 my focus began to change from being a 'doctor' to becoming a health coach through training with the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Mn. Although I love natural medicine, I am most passionate about how I can help people make changes for their health and decided to leave private practice in September 2019. While someone might consider me an 'expert' because I am an ND, I firmly believe that an individual knows what will work best for their own health journey and my job is to help you figure that out. In winter of 2020 I plan to sit for a certification exam to become a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach. The NBC-HWC is the only health coach certification recognized by the American Medical Association.

When not working I love to spend my time reading, playing with my pups and trying new things in the kitchen. Like a true Pacific North-West girl, I love camping, hiking and being outdoors. I live with my husband, three dogs and one cat. 

Megan Little, ND  

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