Health Coaching

...the use of evidence-based skillful conversation, clinical interventions and strategies to actively and safely engage client/patients in health behavior change.

Sometimes you just need someone to talk to. Talking with your coach about about barriers you have encountered on your health journey can help you to put things into perspective, and find a new way to look at things. It can help you identify health behaviors that are not serving you such as emotional eating, excessive exercise, and alcohol consumption among others. Speaking with a health coach allows you to be mindful about your health and consider what is not serving you on your journey to health. Lastly, speaking with a health coach who is also trained as a doctor can help you to navigate a complex wellness environment. 


Everyone has different opinions on what health means. What supplements to take, what diet to follow, what activities to include, what toxins to eliminate from you home. Taking into account your personal health history, your medical diagnoses, your lab work and goals, it is possible to create a wellness plan that is just for you and what you want. Combining old school wisdom of naturopathic medicine and newer science of health coaching you can take control of you health in amazing ways leaving you feeling nourished, vibrant, and excited about what life has to offer you. 

Megan Little ND, NBC-HWC

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