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Cranio What?

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) was created by the late John Upledger, DO. Following many years of research Dr. Upledger created this gentle therapy that offers relief for many conditions including the following;

-Migraine Headaches

-Chronic Neck and Back Pain

-Concussions and Traumatic Brain Injuries

-Chronic Fatigue

-Emotional Difficulties

-Stress and Tension Related Problems

- Fibromyalgia and Connective Tissue Disorders

-Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome (TMJD)

-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

As a Naturopathic Doctor, I did not learn CST while I was in school. I knew of study groups and various students who participated in study groups outside of regular school work. I received my first session from a friend who was in one of these study groups during allergy season and was amazed by the difference it made in relieving pressure of my sinuses. Following that session I had a peaked curiosity, but never followed up on it. I was taking 30 credits a term and the thought of adding any thing else to my plate was not at the front of my mind.

I took some time off after graduation and narrowed down a little more what I wanted my practice to look like. (Some suggest you should do this while you are still in school...but meh...you do what you can when you can). I decided to pursue CST as a hands on therapy for my patients that would be gentle and provide them with relief in one session.

I took my first training class from the Upledger Institute this past spring and have enjoyed every minute of this therapy. One of the things that I love so much about CST (there are many) is the fact that the patient has actively committed to take an hour out of their day for self care and relaxation. While there are many medical benefits to CST, I love the self care aspect of it. You will hear me say over and over how important self care is. I believe that this is one of the 'roots' of our health.

Since offering this to patients a few weeks ago, I have seen many positive results in the ability of my patients to relax, decrease stress and tension and relieve pain. Who doesn't want these things in their life?

If you want to learn more about CST visit www.upledger.com or send us a message on the Contact Tab.


Megan Little ND, NBC-HWC

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