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Two Months Left

It is November 1st. I have seen it, and I know you see it too. Post upon post of warning that this decade is coming to an end and you only have two months left in this year to get all the stuff accomplished.

I am over it. Not over the decade per se, but over the hustle. Over the constant reminders that you have to accomplish something (weight loss, perfectly clean house, write a cook book, learn to play an instrument, carve a canoe - you get the idea) in the next 61 days left of this year - like the world is going to end and you will have no more chances to accomplish the goals so you MUST DO THEM NOW!

Before you create a to-do list longer than Santa's Naughty and Nice list pause and take a breath. Remember - you do not have to accomplish everything.

Some things to consider before jumping in on this trend -

What do you have to accomplish? - Has your doctor or another health care provider given you a task of changing something for your health?

What can wait? - Pantry organization can wait. Closet organization can wait. Garden plans for spring can wait. That fitness plan will still be avaiable to you next year.

What have you already committed to? - Volunteering to host for the holidays will no doubt provide a large enough to-do list on its own.

What will creating the list do to your mental health? - Decide if the idea of scrambling, hustling and striving wears you out or excites you.

Having goals - professional, personal, or wellness is a good thing. Goals can motivate you, give you direction, and when shared with someone can keep you accountable to accomplish them. I am not trying to discourage you from setting goals and acting on them. I am here to discourage you from adopting a "I have to do this" attitude that will cause you to sacrifice your peace for the last couple of months of this year. Consider how hustle is not always helpful.

It is probably safe to say that most of us are excited for the 20's. The shoes alone will be epic. Don't spend your last couple of months scrambling to accomplish goals that social media says you have to. You get to decide how you will spend this time. Spend it on things that are important that will give you joy, energy and excitement for the coming year.

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