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Health and wellness is a journey that is always changing. Just like the seasons, we change and our health needs often reflect where we are at in life. Sometimes we need more activity, some times we need more rest. 


My approach to health coaching is similar to sitting down and having a conversation over a cup of coffee. After I get to know you we will begin to outline a wellness vision taking into account where you are at in life right now and what your ultimate health and wellness goals are. Once this vision is outlined we can break it down to steps to help you get there. The steps, the pace and the goals are ultimately up to you. Through taking the steps toward your wellness vision, you will embark on experiments to bring your wellness vision to reality. These experiments are specific to you and where you are at on your journey. 


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Health coaching encompass more than just the typical 'health' related things. It can include your exercise habits, your nutrition, your sleep and your energy, but also includes your hopes and desires for the kind of life you want to live. You want to write a book some day? Great! What steps can you take to improve your health so that you can complete that goal?

I am here to come along beside you and encourage you to make the changes needed to thrive. Through this partnership you will get a wellness vision created by you, strategies and tools to help you feel excited about life and accountability, support and advice when requested. We'll dig deep into what your motivations are and how to use them to bring about change. 

I believe that health coaching should be accessible to everyone. I want to offer my coaching services by donation.

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