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While I do not make personalized recommendations for supplements that should be taken, I do believe in access to quality supplements. Fullscript is an online supplement store, carrying only the highest quality. Many of the supplements avaiable are also avaiable at natural type grocery stores grocery stores.


Why should you choose a professional brand supplement? Because quality matters. Professional supplements are backed by researched, contain high quality ingredients and have been tested for potency and efficacy. Some of the supplements avaiable on Fullscript are also avaiable at major grocery store chains, but purchasing from a company who specializes in the care of the product is one way to ensure you are getting a supplement that has been cared for. 

Through Fullscript, you will have access to many professional brands that I trust including, but not limited to Nordic Naturals, Jarrow, and Gaia Herbs. Click the button to the right to browse some of my favorite brands and trusted companies. 

Always do your research on what you are taking and follow all label instructions. Speak with your medical provider if you have questions about what you should take.

Megan Little ND, NBC-HWC

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